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Synthetic Grass prices Perth

 Synthetic Grass Prices in Perth           Synthetic Grass Prices in Perth wa-turf-gurus

Looking for Synthetic grass prices  Perth Then You have come to the right place. But you’re probably also wanting to know how to get the best value from your synthetic grass long-term investment. Well, here’s a few things to keep in mind. Synthetic grass prices in Perth highly depend on the quality of the turf.Installation method and of course company work ethics.

Over the time the synthetic grass industry has grown very rapidly. There is a great number of companies are offering same services makes it hard to choose the right one for your needs.So there is few factors need to be considered when to buy synthetic lawn we will explain. off course, these fetters effect the synthetic grass prices.

Product quality

One of the main factors is how the synthetic turf is made and what type of material has been used to make artificial grass. All our synthetic turf made from first class pp (Polyethylene) material and pe (polypropylene) Each yarn has its own characteristics. Polyethylene has become the most commonly used for its greatest versatility and excellent balance between durability, aesthetics, and softness. Polypropylene yarn is typically used for sand-filled putting greens and as a thatch layer on landscape grasses. Nylon is also used as a thatch layer as well as nylon putting green turf. We use triple layer baking system 2 layers of pe and German latex and polyurethane where required mostly on football fields.


Installation of synthetic Turf  (Synthetic Grass prices in Perth)

In the process of installation of synthetic turf in Perth have a different type of soil in different suburbs and different type of bearing pressure and compaction rate. Our team of experts installers visit the sight and depend on what type of base is required for the correct application . as in commercial application we use 70 mm rode base and 50 mm blue mettle dust. A domestic application is about 70 mm required.

The grass is expertly cut to ensure the grass rest perfectly against surrounding paved areas & the grass panels are carefully joined securing a seamless look.

once installed we apply 20 kg kiln dried sand per square meter ensuring an even feel under the foot and to give the grass an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.and power broom is used to groom the final finish to have a great finish to project.


We provide 8 years of manufacturing warranty. Expected life span of our product is 14 years with common everyday use.

general speaking, you will find artificial grass. industry price ranging between 50$ to 110$installed at the rate if per square meters.

At Wa turf gurus our price ranging from 55$ to around 78$* depending on what type and preparation required for the job. click hear to view our synthetic turf range

by far At Wa turf gurus motive is the best quality for the very reasonable price. as we all know what we pay for what you get.by keeping the reasonable price it allows us to maintain the quality of our turf and best installation for our clients.we will offer the best synthetic grass prices in Perth.

To get a free quote please call us on 0426046485  click here to learn DIY installation of synthetic grass

  synthetic grass prices in perth



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