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ittle story how all this happen. Quite a few years back I used to work full time for the construction company’s.  I used to work six days a week 10 hours a day. There was barely any time for recreation or enjoy the things I wanted to do.


Every Saturday after a hard long day at work I used to come home around 3 o’clock and used to get my lawnmower out and mow my lawn for the week. Used to take me around 15 to 25 minutes to make it all Nice and tidy and groomed up.


After a while I thought to myself I worked 10 hours a day six days a week. I feel like I was wasting all that time while I was never home to enjoy the beautiful lawn. I left home at 6 am in the morning and come home at 6 pm in the evening and I wondered who exactly I am mowing the lawn for. Is it for other people or the neighbours walk pass the street and appreciate the beautiful lawn or me coming home spending half an hour on Saturday afternoon mowing it all again next week.


Not to mention I’ve spent countless amount of money to keep it clean lush and soft. Lawn fertilisers, Weed and feed, bug killers Just to name a few. one day I came home and discovered the retic has turned off from last two days not mentioned those days were like 35° hot days yes you guessed it right the whole lawn is dead and turn blue died.it was kind of disappointment.


Been perfectionist I like my lawn look Millen dollar every time.it took months and months to bring the lawn back to it original shape not to mention I had heaps of dad spots witch war annoying.


Here is some of the issues I had bringing the grass back to original shape


1.     Watering 2 times a day

2.     Fertilising once a week

3.     I had couple of bugs as in insects that kills the grass insistently in large patches

4.     Pesticide spray

5.     Perforation (air rate the grass)


After months of affords manage to bring the grass back up but it was never the same still had the dead and dry patches just did not want to come back to life again. If you are like me want my lawn to look nice and half decent.


Yes, you might be right not all of us perfect looking after our lawn just like most of us are not professional greens who work at full time looking after playground and working on them every day, and most of it all neither I had time to do so.


Back in those days’ artificial grass (Astor turf was rare only for playing fields) been a construction worker I had the luxury of knowing the right people to get my hands on some of the artificial lawn.


So I have decided enough is enough. Been a civil constitution worker & Project manager I can defiantly build so-called my trusty old mate rocky owns earthwork company. before we know it all the old grass has been removed and sprinklers war plugged ready to install artificial grass.


Been passionate about building all my life all around Australia. I have the eye of perfection. I guess you seem to have it when you have to build “few time” to get it top spec and hand over to clients.


So we have installed artificial lawn in the front yard. I have to say by the time we finish installing it looked million dollars. Matter of a fact we even dug up the side yard and installed artificial grass as well.


While we war in the processes of installing artificial grass I have found the great passion. I really enjoy creating a beautiful yard that not only looks stunning, it was also practical. Please let me mention “All THE PROBLEMS I HAD ABOVE THAY WER GONE”.


From those days to now I wake up on Sunday morning pick up a newspaper from my front yard which is eye pleasing.  walk straight to the kitchen and make a cuppa and walk to my beautiful backyard garden and spend the morning reading the newspaper wondering around in my veggie garden. Things that I really want to do. I know I get carried away!


“Yes Grass is Greener on the other side”


Yes” form that day onwards there was a project after project. A passion of helping others to create beautiful lawn turned in to a full-time business. Now we are on to the point I design all our products. Been a Proud Australian we know our standards very well. We have created a great range of product for every taste, style most of it all functionality. Provide the best value for our clients.

Every product we have design it has to meet our building standards. Our strict code of quarantine. Most of it all it has to be Practical, Durable, safe for our environment, and recyclable.


When you spend the time and create beautiful lawn for clients there smile and appreciation is a great satisfaction for us. Knowing we have created something beautiful for them is priceless !!!! Gary Signing out


Our Mission

We look forward to working together as a team and Accomplish the goal of high standards of workmanship and
We believe working together we will set new industry standards for our clients to achieve greater goals.