Once you have marked out the area for your new synthetic lawn, remove the existing lawn and soil to a depth of 80 mm ready to fill with 60mm of blue metal dust. If preparing for a car traffic area prepare the area to a depth of 100mm ready to fill with 70mm of road base and 30mm of blue metal dust. Don’t forget to cap each pop-up sprinkler.

It is well worth hiring a small dingo or turf cutter if you have an existing lawn to remove which will save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Don’t forget to hire a skip bin for disposal of the soil and leftover aggregates.

Calculating the correct amount of aggregate to order is worked out very easily. For example:
Total area = 60sqm.
Multiply 60 x 60=3600 which calculates to 3.6 cubic meters.
The same equation applies to bin size.

TIP – in some cases, it is rather easier to have a skid steer and tipper truck hire .if the aria of the turf is big enough and the site access, not the issue . in general speaking it requires 2-meter wide access . in some cases its work out cheaper.

level the excavated aria with leveler and straight edge . give the aria a good competition with a plate compacter.


Evenly spread the blue metal dust around 60 mm for nonhigh traffic aria ( 70 mm roadbase and 30 mm blue metal dust on the top for heavy traffic aria )screed the aria thoroughly and make the level as you required.once the level has been achieved the give the aria a light sprinkle of water.

be careful do not wet the aria to much it will be hard to run the compactor plate.

TIP –  allowed for the rebate for you synthetic grass from the pavement, required .concrete aria. let’s say if your turf is 35 mm required.this will ensure a great finish and keep the synthetic grass edging nice and straight

once compacted it will have few bumps from compactor plate . simply use a  hand trowel to make the aria nice and level again.


it is always a good idea to draw the plane on paper all the measurements .Synthetic lawn is manufactured with the fibers aligned in a single direction. It is very important to ensure the grain is running in the same direction when laying out the full panels of lawn. Cut the lawn to the desired shape using a sharp Stanley knife.
next, step to make a join the artificial grass . according to our manufacturing guideline the grass panels has to rest for at least 6 hour’s prayer to install to prevent shrinking or expanding.

Invariably there will be joints where the pieces meet. You will need to ensure that the seams are cut as close to the “rib” or “grain” to allow for better placement of the two pieces when joining later.

First, lay the lawn down and cut leaving about 2 seems around all the edges and place the lawn together so that the joints are not visible.

Allow a gap of about 3mm between pieces for best results. This can vary slightly from one lawn to another. Stand back and have a good  look before joining together.

at this point fold back both panels around 350mm and role out the joining tape.
 once  joining tape has been laid silver side has to be on the bottom and butter tape side has to be on the top side.
TIP -fold the panels back ensuring the tape is in the middle . start from one side peel the white plastic off the joining tape and put the grass panel together CLICK HEAR TO LURN HOW TO USE BUTYL TAPE JOINING ARTIFICIAL GRASS.
Once you happy with joining use a upins to secure the join we recommend install the upins every foot to make sure it is secure to the ground.
trim the edges and use the same procedure to secure the  parameter using u pins.
TIP When installing u pins making sore do not trap the grass grains under the upins . push the upins 80% down and use the small screwdriver to pull the grass blades out the way and tap it down nicely to make it secure. do not use excessive force to tap down the pins you will see the big dimples in the finish job..


brushing the lawn in the opposite direction of the grain.spread the kiln dried sand evenly around 10 mm.  by installing a sand it will have better looks and protect the backing system from strong UV rays.

TIP it is well worth to hire a power broom from your local tool hire shop .it will make your job lot easier and gives the great finish to your project

 diy synthetic lawn installation