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Enviro Cool Technology

23% Cooler Then 

conventional Artificial


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Enviro Cool Technology

Common Problem we found with artificial grass is getting hot in hot summer day.However, our revolutionary Enviro Technology ensures your lawn remains cooler by reflecting and dissipating the heat into the atmosphere; leaving your grass feeling as good as it looks.

Enviro cool technology is 23 % cooler then conventional artificial grass.you can enhance these results using Pet fill Product.

Enviro Cool is Suitable for you if 


1,If you Have Pets And Dogs.

2,If you have residential or commercial Lawn Area

3,High traffic area.

4,Wants to look most natural as it can for front yard of the back yard.

5,If you have a large traffic area needs high wear and tare.

6, if you have a rooftop and balcony area

7, If you have school Or daycare lawn Areas


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New Thermal Imaging Enviro Cool Technology