Does artificial grass gets hot in Perth?

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This is the question we get time after time so here are some facts.


Artificial grass can get hotter than real grass on hot sunny day, however, there are ways to overcome this to make your synthetic turf (Artificial lawn) comfortable to play on or just chilling out any day of the year.

While this is true that the synthetic grass can get warmer than the real grass it helpful to put few things in perspective. Let’s say although the surface of artificial lawns and the air directly above them may get hotter than conventional lawns, this is not like the amount of heat absorbed and radiated by some landscaping surface, such as a paved driveway or a brick walkway, or concrete and decking.

Most of us know not to walk on hot sand concrete or without shoes and we are usual to think about the potential heat of pavement before we take our dogs for the walk. We have grown up to learn these places can be really hot on hot 37 degree days by the same token we grew up thinking of natural grass is a cooler surface that we can probably comfortable to walk on barefoot even thaw on hot summer day.

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Since synthetic grass falls in the middle and does not get hot some of the surfaces written above it also may not be as cool as natural grass on a very hot sunny day. while most of us did not grow up with artificial lawn and are just becoming more familiar with them, it is understandable some of us like grass with a cooler surface and expects all grass to have the characteristic.

In saying that artificial grass and neutral grass are tow different options for your landscape with grass. While they offering similar looks and appeal and function. There are some factors in which they differ. For example, natural grass needs mowing, watering which starting to become very expensive in Perth WA, weeding, aerating, weeding also it gets muddy can not be enjoyed after a good rain. Artificial grass does not have the problem as the natural grass are responsible for a significant portion of residential water usage and are not drought friendly. Manufactured grass requires very little water and is a very drought-friendly option.

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How to keep Synthetic turf cooler on hot days in Perth

In general spiking most people with artificial lawn do not report an increasing temperature that keeps them from enjoying their lawn however if your synthetic grass gets too hot for you to enjoying if you are considering that this may be issue for your pets or children, there are range of steps you can take to ensure artificial grass does not get too hot and can be used comfortably all year around.

If you haven’t installed the artificial grass as yet you can help avoid hot synthetic grass with your choice of inclusion of subsurface cooling system. For example, you can choose lighter colors and use infill that tends to absorb moisture to prevent heating up on a hot day. you can also avoid rubber infill that tends to absorb and transfer heat.

This is an area where natural grass generally does not grow well, for example south facing back yards, under the large trees, also shaded by nearby buildings, but you can enjoy a lush lawn under your shade trees if you option for fake grass. As an added benefit, the shade from the trees will help keep your synthetic lawn cooler and will provide a shaded area for your children to play or dogs to use as restroom if other areas of your lawn are a bit too warm.

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Here are few more ways you can keep your artificial grass cooler

1, Rinse your synthetic lawn with a garden hose to quickly reduce the surface temperature. With our landscape artificial grass installation we use 10 mm minimum of white wash sand on the top of our installation to retain water in sand most of the whole day to keep the temperature down .also we use blue metal dust and road base on sub base of the grass which has high property’s to retain water for long period of time without making muddy patches .

2, If you have a sprinkler system, you can run the system for a few minutes to cool off your artificial lawn quickly.

3,  A retractable awning can be installed so can be open on very hot days to provide shade to your lawn.Shade sails can be installed to block the direct sunlight to reduce the direct sunlight and provide shade aria to play.

4, Additionally, Synthetic turf tends to cool off quickly, so even if it warms up on a very hot day, you will notice the surface temperature immediately begin to drop as soon as the shade is introduced from clouds, the sun going down or setting up a canopy.