Installing Artificial grass professionally installed around or in your pool area has great benefits:

artificial grass installation benifits around new pool Perth wa


No more pool water & chemical killing the real grass

No more glare from the limestone pavement

No more muddy patches

No costly  unwanted water bills

Artificial grass wangara Fake grass installation around pool


Backed by a 8 yr warranty (conditions apply)

Designed by specifically for Perth’s harsh Weather  and conditions

Soft underfoot and extremely natural looking

Two and four tones  polyethylene monofilament, texturised monofilament

multicolor code yarn

Environmentally friendly yarns which are 100% heavy metal free

Maximum protection against UV degradation

Fake grass maintenance for the home with pets in perth


Here are few questions comes in mind when looking to install Artificial Grass

I do not want my fake grass to look fake – All our artificial turfs have been designed to suit Perth’s harsh outdoors, they look and feel extremely natural and are soft underfoot

Will the pool water and chemicals damage the fake turf – No, the grass has been designed to withstand pool chemicals and as we use porous materials under the turf, you get great drainage also, so no puddles.

Will my pets ruin the artificial Grass – All our synthetic turfs have been designed to be durable for your pets. If you have a particularly destructive pet, then precautions will need to be made, edges will need to have extra pins and just keep your eye on them when they first go out to explore. Our swan valley buffalo artificial grass also is manufactured with the triple reinforced backing that is used in sports turfs, With the dog waste, you will need to keep on top of it by rinsing the urine off and picking up the poo, if you get a smell of the urine, then we have a natural product called Urine Free.


Do I get a warranty on my synthetic Lawn – Yes we give an 8-year manufacturers warranty when we do the installation or 8 years if you do DIY. We have a full DIY service, which includes, helping you make the right choice of synthetic turf for your application and the amount you will need, the best direction to lay the artificial turf as it has a grain, any accessories you will need like, turf pegs, joining tape and also instructions and guidance on installation process.

Diy joining artificial turf wa turf gurus